2nd Grade, Day 21

The AC at Harmony broke this morning, so it was a pretty long afternoon! For math we just worked on a fraction packet. Since 2nd grade really doesn’t have to teach fractions, the things we’re doing are really simple and the students are doing well with them. In science we made a flipbook about weather safety. I was so pleased with how well the students listened to the directions on this… or maybe they’re just getting used to making flip books 😉

2nd Grade, Day 20

Today was fun because I got to go for a full day again, but this time was different because it was an early dismissal day so the schedule was crazy! We had buddies first thing, which was interesting. Some of the 5th graders did really well with the 2nd graders, but some of them weren’t into it at all. Then we moved on to math. We made fraction flip books today. The main goal of this activity was to focus on listening and following directions, because the activity was really just a review of yesterday’s lesson but there were a lot of steps involved. A couple of the students had trouble with it, but it was the ones who never pay attention anyway haha. For science we talked about the water cycle and did a craft about it.

2nd Grade, Day 19

Today was a busy day. We started fractions in math, another unit which I planned. Today we just went over basic vocab (numerator, denominator, etc.) as well as played a little game to familiarize ourselves with fractions. First I had the girls stand up and the boys did fractions based on hair styles and things like that. Then the boys stood up and the girls did fractions over shirts they were wearing. It went pretty well I think. In science we did a flip book about weather tools like thermometers and wind vanes. This was not a hard activity at all, besides the fact that they have made flip books many times, but many of the students struggled to follow directions during it. I think they were just anxious to get outside since it was so nice out.

2nd Grade, Day 18

The kids were crazy today! It’s been such a long week without being able to go outside because of the rain, so I think they’re just really wound up. In math we continued doing addition and subtraction word problems. The students are getting much better at differentiating between the two. For science we talked about the seasons then watched a video about them.

2nd Grade, Day 17

Today in math we kept working on the word problem packets. We focused on subtraction word clues. Both today’s lesson and yesterday’s lesson seemed really easy for the kids, so I’m interested to see how it goes tomorrow when we put addition and subtraction problems together! Since we finished the lesson a little early, I taught the class how to play Around the World. They really liked it and it was a good way to fill time as well as practice subtraction facts. In science we talked about the water cycle. We read the chapter in the book about it and I introduced them to my favorite videos ever, BrainPOP 🙂

2nd Grade, Day 16

Today in math we started a new unit about word problems. This is really just a review, because although they should know these skills, most of the grade has a lot of trouble with the concept. Ms. Miller put together a review packet for the students that goes over key words to distinguish between addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division word problems, as well as contains some practice problems. Today we talked about the addition key words and practiced some of those. In science we started the weather unit. Like all of the science/social studies units, we don’t do much at the beginning except for read from the book. Today we talked about vocab and read the first chapter in the textbook, which is just an overview. Since I taught this unit last year as well, it’s interesting for me to see how the students’ schema differs. I also have the opportunity to modify my lessons for this year, which I am excited for.

2nd Grade, Day 15

Yesterday I was sick and today when I came back, the students had put “Get Well Soon” cards on my desk, which I thought was super sweet! Today was kind of a boring day because the kids had a test in both math and social studies. It was kind of cool though because their math test was over the multiplication/division unit and the social studies test was over Kansas City, which were both units that I created and taught. I was pleasantly surprised by how well they did on both tests!